Kimberly Gladu

Registered Counsellor

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Counselling Body Mind and Soul offers various integrative counselling techniques which include traditional  psychotherapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as addictions, grief and loss counselling.


We also offer alternative transformative counselling which includes "Journey" process work. Individuals have described this "Journey" process work as the most transformative experience of their lives. Through this process you will experience first hand the benefits of effortlessly clearing out stored issues, old stories and emotional baggage. The process of tapping into the stored memories within your body through your unconscious mind facilitates profound trans-formative results within.


Clinical counselling hypnotherapy is effective in dealing with addictions such as smoking. Cravings for substances such as alcohol and cigarettes have been completely dissolved in as little as one session, When combined with other alternative therapies it is also effective in overcoming phobias, fears and traumas. Meditation (TM)  techniques are taught which have been proven to help eliminate post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), improve quality of life: promoting balance within the body/mind and reversing the aging process. .

Kimberly has over twelve years of experience working with individuals and families with the various issues listed below. She operates from a holistic, solution based, client focused approach, to evoke positive change for the overall well-being of the client. She is passionate in her role in assisting individuals to live the fullness of life they so desire to experience.


Types of Counselling Offered


  • Individual counselling

  • Couples counselling

  • Addictions counselling

  • All forms of Grief and Loss

  • Clinical Counselling Hypnosis

  • Journey Process Work

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Self-harming

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Anger  management  issues

  • Stress

  • Codependent issues

  • Assertiveness training

  • Accessing more of your full potential


Kimberly is a registered counselor in good standing with the Ontario Association of Counselors, Consultants, Psychometrics and Psychotherapists and is a registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp.)

 Practitioner with the Day Break Professional Network in Counselling Hypnosis.